Solar for Hospitals


Hospitals play a pivotal role in protecting our health. But they may also have a surprising unhealthy side -- inadvertently contributing to illness and pollution by exposing patients and staff to a witch's brew of toxins from building materials, medical waste, hospital supplies and cleaning products.

Environmental health experts warn that materials that cover floors, walls and ceilings release hundreds of chemicals into hospital air, and chemicals used to clean and maintain hospitals add more. What's even more exciting is that over the last several years, in tandem with the much-needed upgrade in aesthetics, there is a green movement afoot in the health care industry. Granted, it's small right now but a growing number of hospitals are doing things such as eliminating mercury from their buildings, buying locally grown produce and becoming more efficient at energy conservation and recycling.

As hospitals move to make such changes, the challenge now is not only to build hospitals in rural areas, but to operate them environment friendly. PTL Solar™ provides solar solutions for healthcare industry in which now you can keep vital medications, medical supplies requiring constant refrigeration onsite, ice packing and sterilization. Cooling up to 20°C below the outside temperature, this DC Fridge is a lot more powerful than it looks.