Solar Telecom and Remote Systems


Solar power telecom and remote systems require little to no ongoing maintenance, thus making them an attractive alternative to generator or potash battery systems. Environmental concerns are also addressed with pollution-free solar engines. With the highest reliability factors, solar array and battery systems can endure months of hostile weather and snow cover while still providing power to critical systems.

With a portable or stationery solar remote systems, you can power mountain-top repeater sites, microwave relays, remote telecom applications, hand tools, laptop charging, dedicated load lighting and portable radio power systems.

Requirements for these systems are reliability, durability, and low maintenance. When considering the costs of running diesel generators in remote locations or other charging sources, solar power is a cost effective solution for all remote applications.



  •  Telecommunication companies
  •  Telecommunication towers
  •  Offices
  •  Mobile companies

Advantages of the Solar Power System over Conventional Power Sources:

  • Life of the System More Than 25 years
  •  Running Cost Almost Zero
  •  Maintenance Almost Zero
  •  Noise Level Compare to Generator Zero