Solar System - Off Grid


Solar panels, mono solar panels, poly solar panels and small pv modules. These  photovoltaic or solar cells connected together to generate energy using large frequencies of light. This advanced technology facilitates electricity supply in residential & commercial applications. We develop the most technically advanced, international quality standard & premium material solar panels, mono solar panels. These photovoltaic panels are offered to them at highly competitive range & price in the market.


Off Grid Systems

"Off-grid" systems systems, which do not tie into the power grid, run on a combination of solar panels, batteries and often a backup generator running on gasoline, diesel or Gas.

  • Stand-alone inverters are often used to convert direct current produced by many renewable energy sources like solar panels or small wind turbines, into the alternating current (AC).
  • It runs by pulling direct current power from batteries charged by other resources like engine generators, hydro turbines and wind turbines.
  • Stand-alone inverters refill the battery coming from an alternating current source whenever possible.
  • It is used in homes and in small industrial buildings as a power backup.
  • A 100 watt inverter can be used in the powering of a portable (laptop or notebook) computer.