Roshan Energies has recently signed a Memorandum of Association (MOU) with Telenor and Tameer bank to provide Pay As You Go Solar Home (PYGO) solutions to marginalized poor communities, living in the off grid areas of Pakistan. The aim is to increase the outreach of Roshan Energies “Zindgi hai Roshni” (Life is Light) project for the marginalized communities, who are completely detached from the national grid, and either have no lighting sources or using hazardous kerosene lanterns. Lighting a home is an impact led project that caters to the fundamental electricity needs of the energy impoverished communities of Pakistan. Roshan Energies has developed and brought an affordable & clean energy source to these communities.


Access to modern energy services is fundamental to human development and an investment in our collective future. Be it for health, education, the empowerment of women, food production, security, the mitigation of climate change, the creation of new jobs or the expansion of markets, access to sustainable energy for all is essential. It helps strengthen economies, address poverty, protect ecosystems, and achieves a more equitable society.


Pakistan is facing a serious power problem and to cater to the energy needs for 30 % population of 200 Million that lives in absolute darkness, across the rural areas of Pakistan, is deprived of energy supply.” Achieving sustainable energy for all is essential to reaching the Millennium Development Goals and beyond to the post-2015 development agenda.


Roshan Energies is extremely proud of this new partnership with Telenor and Tameer bank, which promises immense impact in the targeted communities, as we provide them with “Zindgi hai Roshni”PYGO. We will be able to provide clean & economical energy to those households that were earlier living in the dark, enabling them to get access to better education, health, economic activities, simply a better life to provide access to clean energy for millions living in the dark.


In partnership with Telenor and Tameer Bank, Roshan Energies has developed a highly affordable pricing model for poor communities. Our pricing model allows customers to pay for their energy needs on usage basis and over a period of time. In most developing countries, the low income consumer can actually afford a small, solar home system if only they could pay for such a system over time in small, regular, and user friendly installments. That is if the pricing model matches the price of energy they are already using, such as kerosene, candles, batteries and phone charging.


“Zindgi hai Roshni” PYGO has been designed for the less privileged with little or no access to electricity. “Zindgi hai Roshni” PYGO technology, which is not only environment friendly but also user friendly, the model makes up of 3 different categories, Basic, Deluxe and Enhanced Models.


“Zindgi hai Roshni” PYGO has been launched. Its “pay-as-you-go” pricing model for low income families. The modus operandi is very simple as users pre-pay a small affordable amount based on an INSTALMENT PLAN. As each payment is made it adds up towards the total purchase price of the solar home system. Consumers can send payments using a mobile phone, M-Wallet or through Easy Paisa shops.


We transform Energy Expenditure into an Asset Purchase for Poor Class